Works and lives in Cuba


Osailys (Osy) Avila Milian born 1992, lives and studies in Havana, Cuba. She graduated from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts and currently studies at the Institute of Art in Havana. She has participated in several solo and groups exhibitions in Cuba and abroad.

Artist statement

Osy is a young working and versatile artist. Her love for different techniques is shown in her works using usually acrylics as a medium. She also paints in larger formats which she thoroughly enjoys. She likes to experiment with different themes in her art, each new body of work introduces subjects that seem to differ radically from previous work. At the moment she is working on social themes focusing on the meaning of freedom to allow any human being to move without restriction from one place to another like birds. She explores those ideas in many ways sometimes metaphorically, trying to express general ideas of migration and adaptation, taking inspiration from street, fashion, nature and Pop Art. She creates new and modern symbols and manipulates them into a fragile and beautiful scene, often questions the correlation between new technology and normal displacement of the migratory birds. Her paintings remind us that life is fragile and constantly changing but also denounces the negativity and intolerance of our society as a state of decay or obsolescence, all such prohibitions and legal obstacles convert the beauty of freedom into inhospitable environment.