Lives and works in United Kingdom


Pacorrosa was born in Spain, into a family of sculptors. As an art creator Pacorrosa has focused his artistic work in painting and drawing as starting point for the development of all his creations.

When he decides to devote to art professionally he did it with a premise: “The art is method of knowledge”, his interest was mainly philosophical and biological. The idea of “the microscopic and macroscopic governed by the same laws” has always nurtured his work.

During his career he has worked also in the audiovisual line, using the visual and cinematographic procedures in his works. He has been working some years in macrocreations. Sketch for a Satellite is example, a macrodrawing with a total size of 74,400 square meters to watch it via satellite.

In early 2011 he came to London where he lives and works nowadays. He is working on several line of painting, in sketches for macropaintings (scale 1/5) in his studio in Greenwich. He has started a conceptual project called ‘Zero Meridian’ where he is summarizing his previous researches.

For several months he has been working on a macropainting and video project, wherein the creative process of this work will be presented as a spectacle. This project is running. The first show will be in London by before the end of the year.

During his career he has participated in many exhibitions, pictorial series, interventions in the urban landscape, video art, etc.

Artist statement

A scream is lovely only if it is a chant for freedom. This is the moment when you connect with the whole, with nature, with the collective subconscious, with the universal love. Usually it comes from a deep sense of understanding the meaning of the human nature, which has won its freedom in different ways, such as loving.

This feeling is transformed through the scream into energy, into spores projected towards your environment. That reaction, that we have considered a social or intellectual gesture becomes for a second in an intangible sensation that comes from the cortex to the hypothalamus, we feel it in our heart, our lungs, in our pores and in each other.

What is this feeling freedom or love?

When we scream, we scream for freedom, with the undying desire that everyone in the world could feel the same way. Loved, Uninhibited, Emancipated, Free.

‘Lovely Scream (Scream of Freedom)’ is one of latest works of Pacorrosa. He has conceived this work as a study for a mural with free technique.

Made of many small-format paintings on wood and glass, is composed of 31 pieces, 27 are canvases on frame. The work has been done in London April-May 2012. It is belongs to the series “Expanded Paintings”, a line of work he have been doing since over a decade.