We are delighted to inform you that Izabela Maciejewska, graduate of the
Vladislav Strzeminski Art Academy in Lodz has been shortlisted for the VI art
festival Passion for Freedom in London. During  the festival that takes place
from the 5th to the 15th of November 2014 there was presented artwork of defiant
artists who protect freedom and human rights, and expose surrounding us
hypocrisy, obliqueness and censorship.

by ASP Lodz

The most interesting pieces from 52 artists from all over the world, including
Poland, have been shortlisted for the exhibition by the judges.

This year PFF has nominated 15 movies, 10 books, 10 journalists and 52 top class
artists from all over the world (including Poland, UK, Peru, Venezuela, Iran,
Israel, Syria, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, the
Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, USA and Australia). Some of the
artists are using aliases to escape oppression, some of them can’t even come to
the festival because of imprisonment or ban for leaving their home country; they
are intimidated and cannot talk to the media. The youngest artist is 18 years
old, the oldest – 64.

Artworks of Polish artists: Maja Wolna, Alicja Kozanecka, Marika Rus, Pavel Krol
and Izabela Maciejewska are possible to view at the gallery.

Iza Maciejewska works with installation, video art, photography and sculpture.
In her work she talks about the problem of human loneliness, stigmatization and
alienation – “proteus”; the feeling of exclusion and the search for identity.
It touches also on the topic of universalism, group ignorance and ritual art.
Artist’s installation Ghetto XXI (Rainbow Map) presents the problem of being
caught in otherness that is not chosen by the person. The artwork is a
reflection on the human nature in the context of modern civilisation. Did
humanity learn the lesson from the Holocaust, learn the consequences from the
history lesson and rejected atavism and prejudice? Can those who search for
courage to come “out of the closet” towards freedom receive support of the
society or are they doomed to ostracism?

Taking away from other people the right to equality and life in harmony with
their own nature only because they belong to so called “minority” is a “norm” in
many countries.

This year Passion for Freedom was supported by Madonna that selected it from the
project Art For Freedom in May 2014.