Lives and works in United Kingodm


Paul Harrison graduated from the fine art course at Sheffield Hallam University in 2011. He currently lives and works in Sheffield and has a studio at Kelham Island Artist Cooperative. Recent exhibitions include: Outpost Open Film, Selected by Stuart Croft, Outpost Gallery, Norwich, (Touring) 2012. Bring Your Own Beamer, Flatpack Festival, Vivid Gallery, Birmingham 2012. SynergySheffield Presents: Snig Hill Gallery, Sheffield 2011. The 6th Streaming Festival, (Online), The Hague 2011. Transmission 1 The progressive Image, The Viewer Gallery, Hornsey library, London 2011.

Artist statement

Paul Harrison’s work is involved in ideas surrounding transformation: specifically, how our perception or opinion of a subject’s reality is changed through an animated or creative action. He views what he makes as being socially engaged as it suggests asking new questions about the human form and condition including examining the contrast between what is considered material or immaterial in an art context. Furthermore, the awareness of the concept of ownership in the digital age has become of particular interest. This specific interest focuses on our interaction with technology and digital culture, our relationship with simulations or ‘Simulacra’, and their involvement in shaping various opinions and perspectives. Through his work he aims to create an experience that encourages organic thoughts surrounding the work’s subject, by making and exploring moments of metamorphosis. Linked artistic interests include: hyper-reality, the political, spirituality, Binary, and narrative.