Lives and works in United Kingdom

Recent exhibitions

Cork Street open 2012

Stone Space Gallery 2012

The Gallery on the Corner

Project 2012 Battersea

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Night of the Museums 2011

National Gallery

Cosenza, Italy 2011

Dreamspace Gallery

Dufferin Street

London 2011

A&D Gallery

Marylebone, London 2011

The Outside World

Hackney Wick 2011

Wandsworth Open Studios 2010

Apart Gallery

Notting Hill 2005

Pond Gallery

Clapham 2004

Rose street Gallery

Covent Garden 1991 & 1993

Young Unknowns Gallery

South Bank 1988

Artist statement

Peter’s work isolates moments of the surreal from within the popular; that he feels are at times, passed by and perhaps even cognitively dismissed. The selection of figures and objects in Peter’s prints and paintings are considered, upon reflection, from initial impressions of his emotional response to them that later contribute and inform these suspended moments, fractional in their existence, by way of distillation, deconstruction, historical context and review. After analysing some of the surrounding forms a reduction or eliminating process to isolate a subject, item or person; so as to highlight and recall those earlier responses. The colours within Peter’s work are chosen from symbolic elements, relating to an iconography of a ceremonial religious past, versed in the contemporary media so prevalent of today’s culture and often using the suspense and frozen moments of black and white, that capture and make an image timeless in the reproduced printed media. The result draws a parallel between traditional colour and their present-day subjects, who are delivered, via the conduit of an iconographic contemporary world. Peter A Leigh is a U.K. born and is currently a London Based artist.