Passion For Freedom 10 Years Album (photobook)



Beautifully crafted 10th anniversary album (photobook) highlighting Passion For Freedom journey towards freedom of expression in art.

It tells the story of of the charity itself, as well as the ones of artists, journalists, bloggers and like-minded individuals, ceaselessly and courageously protecting freedom of speech and expression.

The photobook is divided into three parts describing issues connected to charities’ activities towards protecting freedom of expression (including being censored by the Metropolitan police on one hand, and being targeted in a terrorist attack on the other) and presents beautiful pictures of the best artwork exhibited over the ten years of exhibitions in London.

10th anniversary album’s (photobook) contents:


Freedom is Openness
Preface: Douglas Murray
About Passion For Freedom charity


Part 1 of the photobook
Unbelievable Adventures of Freedom


– Art, Censorship and the Politics of Transgression – Lars Vilks
– Passion for Shooting at Freedom – Agnieszka Kołek
– Venue Cancelled, Battle for Freedom Won – Camilla Forest
– Puppets Too Dangerous To Be Seen – Agnieszka Kołek
– Mimsy – If WE All Smile And Sing Songs, Nothing Will Hurt Us


Part 2 of the photobook
The Price of Freedom


Heroes of Freedom
Free Speech Journalists’ Awards


Part 3 of the photobook
Art for Freedom


Passion for Freedom artists
Passion for Freedom Film Awards


Afterword: Freedom To Be

Hardcover 270 pages, full color.


The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage.

Thucydides (c. 400-460 BCE)


The whole profit from the photobook supports the Passion For Freedom activities.

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