Lives and works in The Netherlands


Sarianne Elisabeth Breuker, graduated at the Academy of Fine Art & Design, Minerva in Groningen, in 1992.

From 1992 till now she is lecturer and was a member of the management team, of the Academy of Fine Art & Design, Minerva.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Netherlands, Germany and the U.S., and featured in Dutch and foreign magazines, catalogues, and other publications and on TV.

She has won prizes – among them the Royal Grant for Painting – scholarships and has realized several monumental works.

Artist statement

From the very beginning of her artistic career, when Sarianne Elisabeth Breuker was rewarded with the Royal Grant for Painting (1992), her work is characterised by a unique use of a visual language that combines folklore elements with a highly personalized approach to depicting stories.

In these stories she connects autobiographical subject matter with events that reach us through the modern media, demonstrating injustice, intolerance, prejudices and distaste for what differs from what we are used to. With her work she wants to counter mechanisms that sow hate and fear between people. She creates an evocative space that is furnished with notions on what we have in common, rather than on what divides us. Love is her main issue, and her paintings, drawings and multiples are cleaning devices to free our eyes and minds from political and social prejudices and dogmas.