What is freedom?
How do you preserve it?
How do you celebrate it?

Our mission revolves around these questions.

who we are

We are Passion for Freedom. We shake and inspire the world through Art. Since 2009 we have organized an annual fearless art festival exhibiting censored artists from 60 countries. We have done it despite (sometimes radical) adversarial actions against us. After all these years we know how to do it and we even know how to do it with a smile.

Passion for Freedom really stands out

There are far too many cowards, bullies, virtue signallers and censors in the world today and there is a temptation to look away and bury your head in the sand when you see true evil, but we are proud to say that PFF never wavered and is doing it’s mission even during life threatening situations (and yes we had them). We are also happy to be viewed as a trouble for both left and right leaning regimes, we are solely a platform for unbounded artistic expression.

passion for freedom

what we do?

The true spectacle and focus has always been the yearly art festival, where artists facing censorship world-over send in submissions to the Passion for Freedom Art Competition. Creators like Mimsy, Ai Wei Wei, Atena Farghadani, Malala, Kubra Khademi, and countless others have been showcased within the competition over the years, and their brilliance is, for lack of a better term; the main show. PFF is merely the stage. Over the last 14 years we showed more than 400 artworks from all over the world including such countries as China, Iran or Venezuela (just to mention a few in which there is no freedom of expression).

our history, our adventure

Passion for Freedom was founded in 2009 by a group of friends (professionals working in arts and media) who dedicated themselves to their shared love for freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression. Very quickly it turned out that it wouldn’t be a picnic – entering this path meant that we would need to dip our toes into a world of government censorship, religious terrorism and oppressed journalists. Sometimes it has been really tough, but for all those years we have managed to juggle pro-bono work with our careers, relationships, secret agents, terrorist attacks (for real!) and Monday morning’s Central Line. And we will never stop.

passion for freedom our mission

Join us! Contribute to Passion For Freedom!

Every individual and every organization willing to take a part in our activities or support us is welcome. Everybody has something to offer, something that may enrich or support accredited artists as well as emerging talents to share their artistic work with others.

  • Artists – accredited artists as well as emerging talents to share their artistic work with others.
  • Galleries – we are always looking for arts spaces.
  • Various companies or institutions – money or products, which will help us to organize events to the highest standards.
  • People – can offer their ideas, time and help.
  • Communities – they are the recipients of our activities, without them Passion for Freedom would have never been established.

Join our adventure! Make the first step!

Support Art! Celebrate Freedom!

Legal basis

Passion for Freedom is a UK charity registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). The charity number is: 1171186
The charitable objectives of Passion for Freedom are:

  • To promote human rights (as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent United Nations and European conventions and declarations) throughout the world through the arts and works of art with a view to: raise awareness of human rights issues; promote public support for human rights; and promote respect for human rights among individuals and corporations;
  • To relieve poverty or financial hardship among victims of human rights abuses and other socially excluded groups throughout the world by providing grants, items, services, education, training and advice to individuals, and/or charities, or other organizations working to prevent or relieve poverty;
  • To promote the advancement of health for public benefit, especially for victims of human rights abuses.