Passion for Freedom London 2019


Laesoe Art Hall
Smedievejen 2

07.06.2019 – 06.08.2019


Passion for Freedom

is partnering with the Danish curator on this important show. PFF is contributing with five Passion for Freedom artists among them Mimsy, Firoozeh Bazrafkan along with the works of Lars Vilks, Ai Weiwei and Banksy.

Apart from the PFF nominated artists, there will be British Banksy, Swedish Lars Vilks and Danish Firoozeh Bazrafkan who are among the 13 artists taking part in a 51-day exhibition at Laesoe Art Hall.

“Political art represents both the fight and the vaccine against the culture of silence that exists in every society. The political artist breaks down taboos so that paths are opened for exchanging thoughts and ideas between individuals and between citizens and leaders. For this reason, political art is essential. And for this reason, this exhibition is essential,” says the curator of the art hall Jon Eirik Lundberg of the background behind the exhibition

About Laesoe Art Hall

The art gallery is an independent institution founded in June 2015. The art gallery displays exhibitions and facilitates production of new artworks. Every summer the art gallery hosts a literature festival. Laesoe Art Hall has a close collaboration with Laesoe Municipality, Region Nordjylland and private and public funds, private galleries and public museums.
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