Passion for Freedom London 2009


UNIT24 Gallery

3.11 – 10.11 2012


Passion For Freedom

For the fourth time, the annual festival took place at the Unit24 Gallery on London’s South Bank. Artists from 35 countries from around the world have entered their work into the competition this year. During the festival, the work of 36 artists was on show from countries spanning the globe including Mexico, Canada, China, Poland, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the UK, Italy, and the USA.

On Friday 9 November, we will screen ”Ai Wei Wei Never Sorry” by Alison Klayman. Ai Wei Wei, as a result of this movie, spent 3 months in jail in China in 2011. He is unable to visit London during the festival as he is not allowed to leave the country. Two artists from here in the UK don’t want to be named as they are scared to be publicly recognized. An artist from Holland Johan van der Dong has tried many times to exhibit his work in galleries in Europe but because of the issues his works raise they now refuse to show it. Therefore, for the first time, his work will be shown during the festival in the City of Freedom – London.

Passion for Freedom it is a great opportunity to meet practicing artists from around the globe and actively engaged citizens who hold high the value of individual freedom.


Passion for Freedom asked artists to respond to these three questions:

1. What is freedom?
2. How easy is it to lose it?
3. How hard is it to get it back?

1st Award – Freedom Ambassador 2013 is Osailys Milian Avila from Cuba

2nd Award – Ferri Farahmandi for Serene

3rd Freedom Award – Fiona Dent for Madonna of Mutilations

Public Award – Maria Strzelecka for Mother Anarchy

Special Freedom Award – Robb Leech for video My Brother the Islamist