We celebrate freedom and believe in the power of art to inspire, awaken and shake the world.

We like to invite you to be a part of this unwritten chapter in history. With you we can make a difference.

We benefit enormously from the generous support and participation of the community.

Getting involved is a great way to connect with like minded people, opening up new frontiers to enable the voice of the artists to be expressed in our societies.

“We must protect artists and defend the right to freedom of expression! When artists dare to challenge social norms, champion human rights, or give a voice to the voiceless, they often face consequences. They can encounter threats, harassment, censorship, and even physical attacks because of their work” UNESCO, 10 Nov 2022.

You can get involved to support our events by joining volunteer activities such as team exhibition planning and event creation. Attend our events, connect with artists and like-minded art lovers, or make a donation to support future exhibitions which provide opportunities for artists from backgrounds which have suppressed and hindered their right to express themselves and share their unique talent.

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Passion for Freedom

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Connect with us: info@passionforfreedom.art