There are number of ways to show your support for freedom of speech and democratic achievements we are all proud of. If you are an artist you can make your statement with your work, if are a journalist you can do so via your ceaseless pursuit for the truth and justice, if you are a concerned citizen the most challenging way is to stay well informed. And if you are an idealistic organisation you can do so by providing a platform for different opinions to flourish and clash, which is so vital for an open society where there is still place for the dialogue. Just like in the old times

Passion for Freedom give such an open platform to artists, journalists, writers and filmmakers. And needs your help to keep carry on.


If you do not have time, but you want to help financially, remember every, absolutely every penny helps.There are a couple of ways to donate to the Passion for Freedom’s cause. Just visit our Donate section and choose the right option for you. From the one off payment to the Direct Debit or Standing Order, you can choose what works best for you. And you can do so via your PayPal or using our bank details.

Volunteer with us

There are many ways you can support freedom. If you do not have money but time and looking for inspiring environment, join us today!
Passion for Freedom will find you the best placement, so you can contribute to the great cause and at the same time develop your unique skills. We have many volunteer opportunities.

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Support our campaign

This year we were fundraising for a fantastic venue we have secured in the heart of London, just a few minutes away from the Trafalgar Square and The Christie’s. Ls Gelleria Pall Mall & Royal Arcade Gallery. And flight tickets for our judges and guest artists.
You can check our past campaigns here 

And if you have missed it, you can still donate to us directly

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Are you passionate about our cause? Do you want to have more to say and actively contribute to shape PFF? Not afraid of the agile, constantly changing environment we work, juggling different responsibilities and changing hats to match current needs of the organisation? Then join us and become an active member!

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