In a world where artistic expression is sometimes stifled by censorship, we as Passion for Freedom want to be beacon of hope and defiance. We want to stand as a bastion for artists who have faced attempts at suppression, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and share their stories. Founded on the principles of liberty and creative autonomy, we aim to celebrate and promote the voices that have been silenced elsewhere.

At the heart of our mission are our annual nominations across five distinct categories: visual art, movies, books and comedians. Each nominee shares a common thread — they have all faced censorship or attempts to silence their voices. By recognizing and honouring these individuals, we do not only celebrate their courage but also highlight the importance of preserving artistic freedom in society.


Visual Art Category

Within the visual art category, we acknowledge artists whose work challenges societal norms and pushes boundaries. From provocative installations to politically charged paintings, these artists refuse to be constrained by conventional expectations. Whether facing censorship in galleries or public spaces, their creations serve as powerful reminders of the importance of artistic expression in sparking dialogue and provoking thought.


Film Category

In the realm of cinema, we celebrate filmmakers who dare to tackle controversial subjects and challenge prevailing ideologies. These directors and producers often find themselves at odds with censors or faced with bans in certain regions. Yet, their films continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, shining a light on pressing social issues and advocating for change.

Art Unveiled, Iran – The resistance lives on Producers: Maren Bekker, Farhad Payar, 2024

What is Woman? Director: Justin Folk, 2022

AI vs Artists- the biggest art heist in history Director: Martin Perhiniak, 2024

The LAst Torch Director: Kawoon Khamoosh, 2024

Hollywood takeover Director: Dr. William Saunders, 2024

Hong Kong mixtape Director: San San F. Young, 2023

Art and Freedom Producers: Betina Thoma-Shade, Michael Witzel, 2023

Detrans Producer: PragerU, 2023

Total Trust Director: Lynn Zhang2023

Women life freedom Producer: Ted. Golshifteh Farahani, 2023

Ukraine on fire Director: Igor Lopatonok, 2016

Border deception Writer: Joshua Philipp, 2022

Hard to Believe Director: Ken Stone, 2020

The Unseen Crisis Director: Cindy Drukier, 2023


Books Category

Writers have long been at the forefront of battles against censorship, and we recognize authors who refuse to compromise their vision. From banned books to suppressed literature, these writers fearlessly confront taboos and speak truth to power through their prose. By honouring their contributions, we reaffirm the importance of preserving intellectual freedom and the power of storytelling to effect change.

Civilization: The West and the Rest Niall Ferguson

The War on the West Douglas Murray

Propaganda Edward Bernays

The Culture of Critique Kevin B. MacDonald

The Shock Doctrine Naomi Klein

The great degenaration. How institutions decay and economies die Niall Ferguson

Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World Patricia Crone and Michael Cook

Modernity on Endless Trial Leszek Kolakowski

La Défaite de l’Occident Emmanuel Todd



Humour has always been a powerful tool for social commentary, but comedians often find themselves in the crosshairs of censorship for pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms. We recognize comedians who refuse to self-censor and use their platforms to provoke laughter and critical thinking. Whether facing backlash from authorities or societal pressure, these comedians continue to fearlessly confront taboo subjects and question the status quo.

John Cleese – England

Ricky Gervais – England

Radu Isac – Romania

Andrew Lawrence – England

Leo Kearse – Scotland

Andrew Doyle – Northern Ireland

Gavin McInnes – Canada

Matt Rife – United States

Through our annual nominations and events, we aim to create a space where artists can freely express themselves. By championing the rights of these individuals, the organization sends a powerful message that creativity thrives in an environment where freedom of expression is cherished.

In a world where censorship persists in various forms, we want to be recognized as a beacon of hope for artists and creators everywhere. As long as there are those who seek to silence dissenting voices, there will always be a need for organizations like ours to defend the fundamental right to artistic expression.

Author: Maciej Rygielski